Important pests and diseases in the cultivation of asparagus

It is Limgroup’s pleasure to offer you this practical book on pests and diseases that may affect asparagus crops.   
In composing this book a lot of attention has been paid to the quality of the photos, the practical descriptions and the ease of use. The book before you is not intended to be a scientific treatise, but rather a useful tool to help you identify pests and diseases in your asparagus crops. We hope that this will make this book suitable for everyday use for information officers and asparagus growers.
Limgroup performs continuous research to find new, improved hybrids of both green and white asparagus for all climate zones. An important objective of our breeding efforts is the development of asparagus hybrids with resistance to the main pests and diseases that may affect asparagus crops.
If you should have any questions about the use or suitability of Limgroup’s asparagus varieties, please consult our catalogue of varieties. Via this website you can also directly contact our product specialists.
Limgroup hopes that this book will contribute towards successful asparagus crops.