The quality of our new strawberry varieties is exceptional. We have our own laboratories and cultivation facilities. For our new Limvalnera variety, the agronomic criteria are important. But in addition, we pay special attention to the criteria of the trade and retail companies. Limvalnera has been tested internally and externally. The variety has been tested in practical situations by farmers located in the province of Huelva. This process has been carried out over several years.


Limvalnera is not susceptible to soil borne diseases. The plant has a rustic appearance and has a high level of tolerance. The fruit of our variety is easy to collect due to the architecture of the plant. The characteristics of Limvalnera make it easy to grow and the fruit is exportable, especially for the northern European market. Limvalnera stands out for its shelf life and flavour.

Why Limvalnera:

  • Excellent taste
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Form of the fruit is conical
  • Exterior colour is bright red
  • The fruit has no cavity
  • Internal colour of fruit is medium red
  • An average production
  • Firm fruit
  • Good average fruit weight during the picking season
  • Brix is >7.5
  • The plants are rustic
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