Limgroup started carrying out research into mushrooms and breeding them in 2009, its ultimate objective being to commercialise genetic innovations in mushroom cultivation worldwide.

The emphasis is on innovations in the fields of the breeding of mushroom strains, resources and cultivation methods. Limgroup takes Agaricus bisporus, white and brown mushrooms, as its basis, from which it experiments with other types of mushrooms.

The European mushroom market is saturated, and innovation and an enterprising business approach are the keys to breathing new life into this mature sector.

In 2011 Limgroup built a nursery with an available cultivation area of 500 square metres specifically for its research activities. In addition to this cultivation area, in which trials can be carried out under practical conditions, the company’s R&D team also has at its disposal a cleanroom for the development of strains and the production of mushroom spawn.

Currently, Limgroup has no commercial varieties.