Limalexia is the first launch from Limgroup's strawberry breeding programme. Limalexia is a short-day variety, suitable for various cultivation systems. This June-bearing variety has performed very well in spring and autumn cultivation in greenhouses (dual cropping), spring planting in greenhouses, table tops and in traditional open field systems in various cultivation regions in Europe. Limalexia was subjected to internal multi-year trials and also tested externally by independent research stations and by a large number of growers throughout north west Europe.

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The quality of our new strawberry varieties is exceptional. We have our own laboratories and cultivation facilities. For our new Limvalnera variety, the agronomic criteria are important. But in addition, we pay special attention to the criteria of the trade and retail companies. Limvalnera has been tested internally and externally. The variety has been tested in practical situations by farmers located in the province of Huelva. This process has been carried out over several years.

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