Herkolim is a 100% male hybrid that is perfect for production of white asparagus in a temperate climate. This variety is middle early and an ideal “yield crop”. Herkolim has very high productivity combined with uniform thick stems. So it is ideal for farms that want to boost results by reducing labour costs.


Herkolim thrives on all well drained soils. Herkolim is resistant to stress. Combined with its spear thickness and vigour, this means the variety is also ideal for replantation. Our own practical experience has shown that Herkolim performs excellently with a planting density of 5 - 8 plants per linear metre. High planting densities do not usually result in thin stems, but often produce even more uniformity and better quality. The recommended planting depth is 18 - 22 cm. Herkolim is ideal for cultivation under black/white plastic sheeting. Good sheeting management and the right harvesting frequency ensure production of high quality asparagus.


The very uniform thickness of Herkolim means that about 60% of production is class 20 - 28 mm. Herkolim produces a premium quality product with straight, smooth, white stems with very few hollow stems, breaking or pink discolouration. The products is rated high on flavour.


Herkolim has broad, robust and open foliage which quickly dries in the autumn so is less susceptible to mould. These good traits also make Herkolim ideal for organic cultivation methods.

Why Herkolim

  • The ideal variety for bumper harvests
  • Very high production potential
  • High uniformity in quality and grades
  • Suitable for high plant densities
  • The ideal variety for replantation
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