Limalexia is the first launch from Limgroup's strawberry breeding programme. Limalexia is a short-day variety, suitable for various cultivation systems. This June-bearing variety has performed very well in spring and autumn cultivation in greenhouses (dual cropping), spring planting in greenhouses, table tops and in traditional open field systems in various cultivation regions in Europe. Limalexia was subjected to internal multi-year trials and also tested externally by independent research stations and by a large number of growers throughout north west Europe.


A characteristic of the variety is its high yield of first class fruit with an excellent flavour. This high yield is generated by the many positions of the strawberry flowers per truss. The flowers open in a well-spread sequence on the trusses, giving a good spread of fruit formation and ripe berries. This ensures that Limalexia can maintain fruit size throughout the growing season. The larger average fruit size also gives a high picking performance. Limalexia produces trusses with ease during the propagation period.


The fruit produced by this all-rounder has a pleasant texture and excellent taste. The taste properties of Limalexia have been extensively tested and were rated as extremely good by various tasting panels. Some petals can remain attached to the calyx on the first fruit of the first truss. The fruits colour pale red to darker red and the seeds are positioned very well. This fresh appearance makes a good presentation and is very attractive. The good shelf life properties make Limalexia suitable for export.


Limalexia is a very vigorous crop. When applying fertiliser, only use a low nitrogen rate. A good irrigation strategy is important during the production period. The high yield means the variety requires more potassium. It is important to apply timely doses of potassium. The flowers do not protrude above the top of the foliage, so they are protected from frost to a certain extent. Limalexia is absolutely rain-tolerant. Intensive research and practical trials have revealed that Limalexia is not sensitive to various soil-borne diseases. Limalexia easily absorbs sulphur. The high concentration of sulphur in the leaves ensures a lower risk of powdery mildew infection.

Why Limalexia:

  • Good flavour
  • Big fruits
  • High yield
  • Strong plants
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