Maxlim is a 100% male hybrid that is extremely suitable for growing white asparagus in warm/Mediterranean climate zones. Maxlim starts producing very high yields early on. Its production will remain stable and high for a long period, ensuring very high yields. Maxlim is also suitable for measures for advancing harvests.



Maxlim will grow best in well-drained, vital soils. In multi-year research the best white asparagus results were obtained with a plant density of five to six plants per running metre and a planting depth of 18-20 cm. In vital soils that are not susceptible to drought or in plots with irrigation and/or fertigation, plants may also be planted in densities of six to eight per running metre. Maxlim’s beautifully tight tips make this variety very suitable for the use of thermal mulch or mini-tunnels to advance harvests.


Maxlim has a very high production potential, an excellent quality and a good spear thickness. It is a reliable variety for the medium-early segment, producing asparagus with very tight tips with little risk of hollow stems. More than 80% of the product will be in the class of 16-24 mm. Maxlim is appreciated for its good taste.


Maxlim produces very erect foliage that is naturally resistant to foliage diseases and lodging. 

Why Maxlim

  • 100% male hybrid
  • Medium-early production
  • Very high production potential
  • Very good spear thickness
  • Excellent quality
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