Xenolim is a 100% male and 100% anthocyanin-free hybrid that is extremely suitable for anthocyanin-free green asparagus production in regions with a temperate climate. Xenolim combines medium early production with exceptionally high yields and a long, profitable production life.


Xenolim grows best on fertile, well-drained soils. Our own trials for anthocyanin-free green asparagus production conducted over a series of years showed that the best results were achieved with a planting density of 4 plants per linear metre with a planting depth of 15 - 20 cm. Xenolim is a 100% male hybrid, so it not only stands for a long and profitable production life, but it also produces no volunteer asparagus from seeds.


Xenolim has a very high production potential, excellent quality and very good thickness. Even when harvested in warm conditions, the tip of Xenolim remains firmly closed. About 70% of production is in the commercially attractive 12 mm + class. Xenolim produces attractive, cylindrical, smooth spears.


The uniform foliage of Xenolim is tall and upright. Despite dying off naturally early, a good store of reserves is built up for the plant.

Why Xenolim

  • 100% male F1 hybrid
  • 100% anthocyanin-free green asparagus
  • Very high production potential
  • Uniform sizes and high stem weight
  • Excellent tip closure
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